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Summer Reading for Children & Teens

  • Register online May 30 through July 26, 2023: https://forms.gle/kFDZc3FaJDjQoUXz8

  • Choose a Reading Goal for June and July. Will you...
    • Read 20, 30, 40, or 50 BOOKS?
    • Read 20, 30, 40, or 50 HOURS?
  • Counting books is great for those reading picture books and being read to.
  • Counting hours is best when you're reading chapter books.
  • Remember, only count books at your reading level. We don't need a list of titles.
  • Reading 50 hours during June and July is a challenging goal! Do you read more than an hour a day?
  • Anything you've read since Memorial Day COUNTS!!!

Start reading and track your progress on the paper Game Sheet.

  • Using our Game Sheet:
    • Reading books? then 1 circle = 1 book.
    • Reading hours? then 1 circle i= 1 hour.
  • Teens can build a Reading Necklace or just play for Prize Slips, their choice.
  • Parents decide what counts as summer reading. Parents adjust the goal to fit their child.
  • Ebooks, audiobooks, assigned summer reading, bedtime stories, reading out loud, reading to your baby, graphic novels, magazines — it all counts as summer reading for us!

Visit the library often. Bring your Game Sheet and Necklace to the library to collect Reading Beads and Grand Prize Slips.
Trade Basic beads for Jelly, Sparkle, Star, and Sport and Heart beads.

  • You DO bring your Game Sheet to the library to check in. We will award beads and Grand Prize slips when you do. You earn 2 Basic beads for each Dot on the game sheet. You earn one Grand Prize slip every 10 Dots. You can trade your basic beads for fancier ones (like stars or sparkles or soccer balls or heart) at the Bead Bank.
  • The Bead Bank WILL be open for bead trading this year from June 5 - to July 26.
  • Reading Necklaces and Grand Prize Slips are available in the library from JUNE 5 - to July 26.
  • You win free frozen custard from Culver's for registering. Let us know when you reach your goal so we can add a Goal Tag to your necklace, put your name in our window, and give you a certificate! You also get coupons at 40 DOTS for camping, the Renaissance Festival, and more, as well as a FREE BOOK at 20 DOTS.

Earn additional Grand Prize Entries for attending programs and story times.

If you want to collect MORE BEADS after you finish your 1st 50 books or hours, then print an Extreme Reading Log and keep going! 

Finish everything by 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 26. Summer Reading ends then.

  • Grand Prize winners will be drawn randomly from the slips in each prize box.
  • Winners for Summer Reading will be drawn on Friday, July 28th, and notified by 5 p.m. using the phone number or email provided during registration. 
  • Grand Prizes may be picked up at the library during our open hours. Prizes will not be mailed. You must be registered to win.

Thanks to our 2023 partners, Deerfield Township and the City of Mason, and to the many local businesses and organizations that have sponsored or made donations to our children’s and teen summer reading program: Culver’s of Mason, FC Cincinnati, Kings Island, Kiwanis Club of Mason, Ohio State Fair, Ohio State Parks, Ohio Renaissance Festival, United Dairy Farmers, Pizza Hut, Sharky's Cuts for Kids, CincySammies, and the Volunteer Friends for the Mason Public Library.


 In-Person Events             Takehome Kits