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Programs & Weekly Story Times 
 June and July @ Mason Public Library
200 Reading Rd. Mason, OH  45040

Drop in. First come, first served. Space is limited.
Free tickets given out 15min. before Preschool/Kindergarten and STEAM Story Times.








Toddler Time

Toddler Time

Solo Story Time*
no class 7/4 or 8/1

Books & Bubbles
no class 8/2


Toddler Time

Books & Bubbles


Solo Story Time*
no class 8/2


Books & Bubbles

Books & Bubbles





STEAM Story Time
Grades 1-2
no class 7/31

STEAM Story Time
Grades 3-6

no class 7/4 or 8/1





Tween Code Club
registration required, BYOD
Grades 3-6

no class 7/4 or 8/1


2:00p.m. Family Story Time      
  • Children attend Preschool / Kindergarten Solo Time independently while caregivers relax nearby. We introduce classroom skills and independence using our familiar story time format. Children often need a gradual approach to attending solo. You may want to start by attending Books & Bubbles or Toddler Time together, then watching a Solo Storytime or two through the door. Repeat as needed if the child is nervous.
  • STEAM Story Time for Elementary Children, entering Grades 1-6 only.  Attendance is drop in, first come, first served, starting 15 minutes before class. We will have supplies for at least 36 children per session each week. Each class is designed to include science, stories, art, and music. Some weeks there may also be math, dance, games, or a special guest. Tickets for indoor programs are released 15 minutes prior to start, first come, first served. Line up near the children's DVD's. Children must be present to receive a ticket. Parents remain outside the classroom and meet Ms. Cheryl in the lobby at 2:45 to hear what the children have learned that week then enter the classroom to see the last few minutes. Parents must remain on the library's premises during class.
    • entering Grades K-2: Wednesdays 2-2:45ish p.m.– at the library
    • entering Grades 3-6: Thursdays 2-2:45ish p.m.– at the library

Tween Code Club for Grades 3-6.  Registration is required. Children bring their own internet-capable laptops, tablets, or Chromebooks. Parents should remain on the library's premises during class. 

  • Code Clubs are not just lessons; they’re adventures in coding! BRING YOUR DEVICE and start your journey. Dive deep into coding while you learn, build, and share your projects with friends. Customize your own robot avatar with new gear as you level up through coding challenges on Fiero Code! Make new friends and enjoy a snack each week. #CodingAdventures #JoinTheClub #DiveIntoCoding #GamifiedLearning #CodeAndCustomize

    These meetings are geared for children entering Grades 3-6 using their own internet-capable tablet, Chromebook, or laptop. Please register so that we can send you directions on how to set up your child's account(s). Children will use Fiero Code on their own devices to learn coding, animation, HTML, and more at their own pace. The software is geared for kids ages 8-18 and will guide students through a learning journey that includes project-based learning, story-based learning, and incorporates many fun gamification elements. Children can also use Fiero at home (with internet and a library card.)

    Parent Setup Guide:

Featured Events

  • Friday 6/7 6-9 -- Summer Reading @ Music in Mason near Mason's Downtown Plaza, weather permitting. All Ages. Drop in. Free. Sign up, check in, and receive two rare beads for your Reading Necklace! Tattoos, face painting, crafts, Plinco, and bubbles!
  • Saturday 6/15 10-11 a.m. @ Fleckenstein Park -- Solar System WalkAll Ages. Drop in. Free. A walking tour of the solar system from the sun all the way to Pluto. Stroller and wheelchair accessible and led by teen volunteers. Tours leave every 5-10 minutes. Enjoy information and activity stations with the Cincinnati Observatory. Start at Shelter #1  at Fleckenstein Park. In case of rain, the event will be canceled.
  • Monday 7/8 4:30-7:30 @ Mason Public Library -- Adventures Around the World: .All Ages. Drop in. Free. Enjoy games, stories, and crafts for children and teens of various ages and abilities! Supplies are limited. First come, first served. Stations can be found in the Children's Meeting Room, the Parkhill Meeting Room, and throughout the children's area of the library.
    • Storytime Room (Younger Children)
      • 4:30-6: adventure-themed obstacles and play
      • 6:10-6:30: Books & Bubbles Geared for babies & small children with their grown-up.
      • 6:40 - 7:10: Adventure Story Time Geared for children aged 4-8.
    • Children's Area (Young Children)
      • crafts, games, and maybe an adventure scavenger hunt!
    • Parkhill Lobby Meeting Room (Older Children)
      • games and activities for older children.
  • Friday 8/2 1:30 @ Mason Intermediate School gymnasium -- Prizes and PuppetsAll Ages. Drop in. Free. Want to learn who won the Grand Prize Drawings? You might be a winner! Listen as we announce the Grand Prize Winners for Summer Reading. We might warm up with some storytelling or songs. Then at 2:00, enjoy The Adventures of "OH REALLY" O'Reilly, CRYPTOZOOLOGIST, a performance by Wump Mucket Puppets, followed by a meet-and-greet. Drop in. Free. All ages welcome. You need not be present to win. Winners will be notified by 5 p.m. 8/2/24 using the email given at registration or by the phone number on their prize slip.