What is Playaway?
Playaway is the market’s first self-playing digital audio book.

How do I turn on my Playaway?
First, make sure you have pulled the small white tab from the battery door. This activates the standard AAA battery that was pre-loaded into your Playaway unit. Next, press the Playaway button once to power it on. The Playaway button is the center button on the bottom row, just beneath the LCD. It has the Playaway logo on it. The unit is now on in a paused state. Now you can plug in your ear buds – or any other headphones, speakers or adapter. Finally, when you’re ready, press the Playaway button again and the book will begin to play.

How do I replace the battery?
The base of the Playaway has a battery door that can be removed, much like on a common remote control. Simply snap it off – don’t worry, you won’t break it. It takes some force. Once it’s off just replace the battery with a standard AAA, and snap the battery cover back in place.

Can I use Playaway in my car?
Yes, every Playaway has a universal headphone jack that can be used with most of the commonly available car adapters on the market, including cassette adapters and FM transmitters.

What is the size of a Playaway and how much content can it hold?
Playaway weighs just two ounces and is about half the size of a deck of cards and holds content that ranges from 6 to 24 hours play time.

Why can’t I add, delete or transfer content on or from a Playaway?
Playaway was designed to protect the copyrighted works of authors and publishers. In this respect, Playaway is no different from a hard cover book. Customers can share them with friends just like they would lend their new favorite bestseller, but they can’t make copies.

How long does one AAA battery last?
Each Playaway is pre-loaded with a standard AAA battery that should allow for a full 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime. For longer titles, extra batteries are packaged with the title. When you replace the battery, the file will never expire.

What headphones can I use with Playaway?
Playaway was designed with a universal headphone jack in order to allow consumers to enjoy their content using almost any type of headphones, speakers or mobility accessories available on the market.

How does Playaway compare to audio on cassette or CD?
Playaway is more convenient and easier to enjoy than juggling multiple CDs, cassettes or a separate player. Playaway also offers various enhanced digital features, including the ability to control the speed of the narrator’s voice and digitally bookmark up to 50 favorite spots.

How does Playaway compare to digital downloads and other forms of on-the-go downloading like cell phones?
Playaway comes pre-loaded with its digital content, so it does not require information transfer fees, subscriptions, memberships, or even an Internet connection. Just plug-in your headphones and listen wherever you go.

What does the audio sound like on a Playaway?
Playaway audio is equal to or better than most digital downloads available today. This is due to proprietary audio processing, production and codecs used to retain fidelity while compressing the digital audio file size.

Is my Playaway waterproof?
While the Playaway should not be harmed if it gets splashed, it should not be used under water.