The library is now using an online meeting room request program.  All meeting room requests will now be placed through this program.

Requesting is easy – No Login Required:

  • Click link below
  • Select Room
  • Select Date/Time and Click Submit
  • Agree to Meeting Room Policies
  • Fill out Form
  • Submit Booking

Once you place a meeting room request, you will receive an email confirmation that your request has been received and it is in Pending status. Once the library has acted upon your request, you will receive an email stating that your meeting room request has been approved or denied.

All requests are Pending until approved or denied by the library.

The Parkhill Room (the larger meeting room – capacity = 50) may be booked out 2 months in advance and MUST be booked 72 hours ahead of desired use date.

The Classroom (the smaller meeting room – capacity = 12) may be booked out 48 hours in advance.

Please be sure to read the meeting room policies prior to submitting your request.

Create Meeting Room Request