Once again publishers have decided to make it difficult for libraries to meet the demands of their patrons by changing their lending models and placing embargos on e-content for libraries to purchase.

Blackstone Audio has place a 3 month embargo on new titles.  This means a title available Sep 1, 2019 would not be available for libraries to purchase until Dec 1, 2019.  This embargo would be on authors sold exclusively through Blackstone Audio.  Blackstone Audio has not released a list of authors that would be excluded from or included in this embargo.

Macmillan allows libraries to purchase 1 copy of a new title and places a 2 month embargo on further purchases of that title.  So a library could purchase 1 copy of a new book due out Sept 1, 2019 but could not purchase additional copies of that book until Nov 1, 2019.  This is across all Macmillan imprints.  The American Library Association has started a petition asking Macmillan to drop its embargo.  You can sign the petition here.

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