Wi-Fi Help

What do I need to connect my laptop to the Internet in the library?

1. A laptop with a wireless card (801.11 a/b/g).
2. A network connection configured for DHCP (more information available under help in your start menu).
3. A valid MPL library card . Ask at the Circulation Desk near the front entrance if you need a card.
4. A Polaris PIN number or password, assigned at the time you received your card.

Is there an access fee?
This service is free to all residents and guests. If you do not have a library card, please go to the Circulation Desk located by the front entrance.

Where can I connect?
Signal strength is dependent upon a variety of factors, and you may need to try a couple of locations to get the strongest signal.

Be sure you connect to Wireless Network: MasonLibWireless

Can I print?
Printing is not available via personal laptops. You may wish to transfer documents to a Web-based personal e-mail account and then log into one of the library’s Internet stations to print out your documents.

How do I connect?

5. Turn your laptop on.
6. Find a location with a strong signal.Once your desktop is up, start your Web browser. If you see a “Security Alert” message, click the “yes” button to continue. It is recommended that you allow popups for the login/logout to work correctly.

7. You should see the following login screen for wireless access:



8. Scroll to bottom of screen to get to login shown on next page:



9. Enter your 14-digit library card number (with no spaces) in the User Name field.
10. Enter your Polaris password in the Password field. Note that you received this number when you got your library card.
11. Click on the “Enter” button. You should see the following popup box:


12. Leave the success screen open (you may want to minimize it) until you are finished with your session. Click the “Logout” button to close the connection.

How do I get help if it doesn’t work?
Below are some common problems and solutions. Please be aware that our staff cannot assist you in changing the settings on your personal equipment.


PROBLEM:“Error” screen message displays when attempting to log in.

SOLUTIONS: Try re-entering your barcode number and PIN. If this does not solve the problem, go to the Reference desk to have a staff member verify your Polaris PIN.

PROBLEM: “Page cannot be displayed” error displays rather than a login screen.

SOLUTIONS: Verify you have a network signal. If you are using a wireless connection, verify that you are receiving a signal (ours is wireless network MasonLibWireless) and the URL that the browser is accessing first is for authentication.If you utilize a popup blocker you need to “ALLOW” the following IP addresses All WinXP machines with Service Pack 2 installed automatically have popup blockers running.If you still cannot get a login screen, it is possible that your machine has fixed or “static” network settings. This often occurs on machines configured for use on a company or campus network. The properties for the Internet Protocol network setting for the network adapter need to be set for “Obtain IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically.” If you change your settings, be certain to note the current settings beforehand. You may wish to consult with your organization’s IT department first.

PROBLEM: Connection works, but some Web sites and utilities do not work.

SOLUTION: The library uses a firewall to secure its network. In doing so, some services and “ports” are blocked, which may prevent access to some services and sites.The personal firewall on the your laptop may interfere with websites displaying, make sure you go to your control panel and turn off your personal firewall (it is automatically enabled on all WinXP machines), you are protected by the library’s firewall within the building so do not forget to re-enable your personal firewall before your leave.

NOTE: Library staff can only give general login assistance. They are not permitted to handle/adjust any of your wireless equipment.

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